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In business documents, it's essential to engage readers from the beginning. We cover how.

How to engage readers

Your new cohort of graduates are bright, analytical and eager to make a good first impression. But the transition from writing academic essays to practical business documents can be bumpy.

This free PDF guide – which you're very welcome to copy and distribute – will help them transition from academic to business writing.


How to get your point across

How to write effective emails

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Tired of reading emails that are far too long or poorly structured? This guide covers a simple, powerful formula for structuring any email.

Clear writing and clear thinking go hand in hand. They save time for the writer and stress for readers. We share some essential techniques for writing clear, engaging documents.

Want to find out more about how you can improve your graduates’ business writing?

Our Business writing for graduates course will give your graduates a complete grounding in all areas of professional writing, whatever they write – whether that’s day-to-day emails, management reports, sales proposals or customer letters.

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