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About the webinar

You'll learn

How to engage your readers with your findings and leave them informed and determined to take action
How to find and eliminate useless words and waffle
The best alternative to bullet points in slides and reports 


Gary Woodward is a business-writing trainer and consultant at Emphasis. He has also worked as an executive coach at the London Business School and is the author of several books.

Organisations Gary has trained recently include EY, LCP, Transport for London, Royal London Group and RBS.

About the presenter

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How to turn your expert analysis
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In just 30 minutes, you'll learn best-practice techniques for communicating effectively in your reports – drawn directly from our courses with clients like KPMG, JP Morgan, Royal London, Dstl and Gazprom.
We'll show you how to turn a list of bullet points into a set of compelling conclusions (this technique alone will be enough to make your reports stand out). And we'll show you how to make data and figures relevant and meaningful to your readers. It's ideal if you're a client-facing consultant or if you write internal reports for your colleagues.